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Author is the latest in a long list of Edward’s job titles that include Navy Rescue Swimmer, Air Intercept Controller, Test Engineer, Firefighter, Transportation Officer, Battle Captain and Garrison Commander.  His current job is the culmination of a life of adventure and romance.  And he has the bone and joint pain to prove it.

Born the son of a Navy Corpsman and a high-school teacher, he grew up in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Joining the United States Navy at 17, he soon became a precocious smart-ass that should have been kicked out of the military.  Instead, he thrived and excelled becoming a rescue swimmer (working out and getting great suntans) and a tactical air controller (playing the best video game in the world).  After 12 years, he decided to leave the Navy and go to college.  Working as a test engineer for a government contractor and later a 911-Telecommunicator and Firefighter, he finally graduated college after six years with a degree in Information Technology.  Then, he joined the United States Army Reserve. He deployed to Iraq, then Afghanistan, then taught ROTC for a couple of years, and then deployed again to Afghanistan before finally retiring from the military after 24 years of service. 

Now he lives in Bonn, Germany where he pretends not to understand Germans to amuse himself and fails to understand German to amuse others.  Perhaps in a future version of himself, he will actually learn the language.  One can only hope.

Books By Edward Green

Hannibal’s Fate

May 2019

Hannibal's Nemesis

Hannibal's Fate

November 2018

January 2019

May 2019

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