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Hannibal's Foe

The war to decide the fate of western civilization begins...

Hannibal's Foe

The General is Down!

Decurion Scipio looked over his should at Laelius and me. 

He drew his sword and ordered, “Aid the General!”

Scipio was halfway down the hill before the rest of us could react to the command. 

A Carthaginian made a lunge at the General with a falcata but the heavy ended curved sword crashed into a Roman shield as one of the General’s guards intercepted the blow. 

Decurion Scipio struck the Carthaginian from behind, thrusting his sword deep into the kidney of the man attacking his father. 

Then he threw himself from the horse to his father’s side, dropping his shield in the process.

By then, Laelius, Decius and I plus the hundred men of our cavalry wing had driven off the Carthaginians around the General. 

Scipio helped his father onto his dappled gray horse, then climbed on behind.  Decurion Scipio shouted, “Retreat!”

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