Hannibal’s Nemesis Book Page

Hannibal's Nemesis

Here continues the war to decide the fate of western civilization...

218 BC, South of Rome

Hannibal has crossed the Alps, destroyed three armies sent against him, and now threatens to sway Rome’s Italian allies to side with Carthage.  He dispatched his brothers Mago and Maharbal to recruit reinforcements for his campaign in Italy.  After the disastrous defeat at Cannae, Rome’s confidence is shaken, and experienced Generals are in short supply.

A young man, not yet old enough to be a Senator, much less a General, volunteers to lead what older and wiser men perceive as a suicidal invasion of Iberia.  With less than 30,000 soldiers, Scipio will lead a desperate attempt to intercept 100,000 Carthaginian reinforcements.  The outcome will decide the fate of western civilization.

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