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Hannibal's Foe, the Exciting Debut Novel by Edward Green

Hannibal's Foe

218 BC, Iberia

The fortress city of Saguntum, besieged by Hannibal Barca’s army for eight months, falls.  Hannibal executes every adult within the city walls.  Now he marches on the enemy his is sworn to destroy, Rome.  With 59,000 veteran mercenaries and 37 war elephants he moves toward the only obstacle between his army and his enemy, the Alps.  Crossing them in winter is an impossibility the Romans believe.  With the favor of the god of wind and lightning, the assistance of Gallic tribes whose hatred of Rome runs deep, and the devotion of his long-serving men, Hannibal means to cross the Alps during the treacherous winter to invade Italy.

The Roman Senate sends Consul Publius Cornelius Scipio to intercept Hannibal’s force.  With him he brings his seventeen-year-old son, a newly appointed officer in the Roman cavalry, and 24,000 Roman soldiers.  They race to meet Hannibal before he can cross the river Rhone and reach the Alps. 

Here begins the war that will decide the fate of western civilization.